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Information Notice for the Tender of Technical Advisory Services for the International Conference Centre (Open Procedure)

Project Sector: 
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Submission Deadline: 
Fri, 29/09/2006
Contract award procedure: 
Tender Summary: 

Contracting authority: General Secretariat for the Olympic Utilization (GGOA).
Competent service for obtaining the tender documents: The interested parties shall obtain the tender documents from GGOA, 7, Kifisias Av., Athens, PC 11523, tel. 210 6407053, fax 210 6496610, email: ggoa@ggoa.culture.gr, until 25-9-2006 during working days and hours (Mr. Mpoutsika) at the amount of 100 euros.

Subject: The provision of technical services. According to the resolution of the Interminesterial Committee of PPP?s (DESDIT) the Gymnasium of Faliro shall be reconstructed to an International Conference Centre through a Private Public Partnership according to the provisions of Law 3389/2005 (FEK A? 232). The Public Sector and the Private Vehicle, shall undertake in form of a Partnership the design, reconstruction, financing, and the provision of all necessary services for maintenance and technical administration for a period of 25 years from the operation of the International Conference Centre. The technical consultant shall work together with the financial and legal consultant supporting the contracting authority (GGOA) during the preparation procedure and the finalization of the Partnership?s terms, as well as the choice of the most appropriate Private Vehicle.

Detailed description of the services: Tender documents

The time limit for completion of services or duration of the services contract: Eighteen (18) months.

Budget: 200.000 euros, VAT excluded.

Deadline for submission of the tenders: 29-9-2006, 12.00 p.m. according to the provisions of the tender documents.

Participant?s requirements: At the tender can physical and legal persons participate, independently or in partnership or in joint venture, if themselves or their members:

- Are registered in the Greek Designer Records and particularly have the Designer Certificate mentioned in the tender documents or come from countries ? member states of the E.U., which keep equivalent records and are registered in ranks and categories of designs or services equivalent to those of the abovementioned, or come from countries ? member states of the E.U, which do not keep records such as mentioned in the previous paragraphs or countries, or in the equivalent records of their countries and have general experience relevant to the aforementioned Designer Record, and its executive work force has experience in equivalent design categories.

- Have average turn over in during the last three economic years, over ?3.000.000, which will be proved by published balance sheets. The rest of the requirements are analytically mentioned in the tender documents (art. 11, 12 & 13).

Legal form of the Consultant: The legal form to be taken by the grouping of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded is joint venture. All contracting parties shall be in full liable towards GGOA.

Guarantees: Bank Guarantee of 10.000,00 euros for participating to the tender, good performance bank guarantee amounting to 10% of the project?s budget (art. 16 of the tender documents). Time frame during which the tenderer must maintain its tender is six (6) months.

Criteria for awarding the contract: The criteria to be used for award of the contract: Most economically advantageous tender, according to the criteria mentioned in the tender documents (art.18).