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Information Notice for the tender of Financial Advisory Services for the Implementation of an Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System, under a PPP scheme

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Fri, 19/12/2008
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The Special Secretariat for Public and Private Partnerships announces a Τender for the selection of a Financial Advisor for the implementation of an Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System, under a PPP scheme.
The Inter-ministerial Committee for PPPs (DESDIT), by its decision dated 01.09.2008, has decided the implementation of an Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System, pursuant to the provisions of L. 3389/2005 (GOJ A? 232). The scope of the Partnership involves the design, financing, setting in operation, maintenance and facility management of an Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System for ?Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) S.A.?. The duration of the Partnership is 12 years, starting from the PPP contract to be signed set in force. By the same above-mentioned decision, the Inter-ministerial Committee for PPPs has also decided for the hiring of a Financial Advisor, pursuant to art.6 par.4 Law 3389/2005, as amended by art.16 par.1 Law 3483/2006 (GOJ A' 169). The Financial Advisor, in collaboration with the Technical and Legal Advisors selected by the Contracting Authority, will support the Special Secretariat for PPPs and OASA S.A., in the drawing-up of the Tender documents, the conduction of the Tender Procedure, the assessment of the private operator's tenders and the know-how transfer, as well as in the monitoring or the implementation of the contract subject and ensuring its quality. Contracting Authority of this project is the Special Secretariat for PPPs. A detailed description of the services to be provided can be found in the Tender Notice documents.
Budget: 200.000, 00 euros, maximum, VAT excluded
Place of provision of services: Athens
Language: Greek
Participants requirements: Physical or legal entities independently, or in consortium or joint venture,
a) Operating mainly in the field of services, referred to in art. 3 of the Tender Notice
b) Fulfilling the minimum financial adequacy levels and, specifically, having an average turnover in financial advisory services (project finance, corporate finance), over the past three financial years, over 1.500.000 euros,
In case of a consortium or joint venture the weighted average of the turnover of each member shall be taken into account, on the basis of each member's participation percentage in the consortium or joint venture, provided that these members operate in the provision of services related to the subject of this Tender.
In the case that entities participating in the Tender operate for less than three years, the average turnover of these years? operation shall be taken into account.
Minimum levels of standards and other conditions for participation are described in art. 11, 12 and 13 of the Tender Notice.
Duration of contract: Eighteen (18) months
Legal form to be taken by the grouping of economic operators to whom the contract is to be awarded: Joint and several liability.
Criteria for awarding the contract: Most economically advantageous tender, according to the criteria mentioned in the tender documents and the relevant factors of significance as described in art.18 of the Tender Notice.
Guarantees: Bank Guarantee of 10.000,00 euros for participating in the tender, which shall be valid for a period of at least one (1) month after the expiry date of the Tender. A Performance Bond is also required, amounting to 10% of the project's budget, V.A.T. excluded (art. 16 of the Tender Notice).
Validity period of tenders: eight (8) months, starting from the next day of the deadline for tender submission.
Deadline for tender submission: Friday, 19th December 2008, at 12 o' clock.
Date for the opening of tenders: Friday, 19th December 2008, at 12 o' clock.
Deadline for receipt of Tender documents and provision of clarifications: Up to 15.12.2008, at the Premises of the Special Secretariat for PPPs, 8 Karageorgi Servias Str, 2nd floor, Athens, PC 10184, tel: 2103375750, FAX: 2103375921, e-mail: sdit@mnec.gr, website: www.sdit.mnec.gr, information: Ms Christiana Skarsouli, during working days and hours. No fee is required for the receipt of the Tender Documents.

Athens, 12.11.2008

The Special Secretary for PPPs
Leonidas Korres