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Information Notice for the tender of Financial Advisory Services for the implementation of the buildings of Achaia and Fthiotida Prefectures under a PPP scheme

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Tue, 04/09/2007
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1. Contracting Authority and the service from which the additional documents may be obtained: Ministry of Economy and Finance ? Special Secretariat for PPPs (SSPPP -EGSDIT), Karageorgi Servias 8, Athens, PC 10184, tel. 210 3375746, fax 210 3375921, e-mail: sdit@mnec.gr. Attention: Ms. Eleni Niarchakou.

2. Scope of services: The provision of financial services. Following the resolution of the Interminesterial Committee of PPP’s (DESDIT) the buildings of Achaia's and Fthiotida's Prefectures shall be implemented through a Private Public Partnership according to the provisions of Law 3389/2005 (GOJ A’ 232). The Private Partner (PP) that will be selected, shall undertake in form of a Consortium the design, construction, financing, maintenance, facility management and security, as well as the commercial development of limited premises for a period of twenty five (25) years. In the building of Achaia Prefecture the Private Partner shall be able to develop and operate Renewable Energy Sources (Fotovoltaic), which may be constructed in the aforementioned building. The Financial Advisor shall work together with the technical and legal advisor in supporting the Contracting Authority during the preparation procedure and the finalization of the Consortium’s terms, as well as the selection of the most appropriate PP. The right for awarding new similar services is contemplated. The time limit for completion of services or duration of the services contract is eighteen (18) months.

3. Budget: 200.000 euros, VAT excluded.

4. Deadline for submission of the tenders: 4 September 2007, at 12.00 o’clock, according to the provisions of the tender documents.

5. Participant’s requirements: Physical and legal persons, independently or in consortium or in joint venture, active in the field (services mentioned above and in art. 3 of the tender documents), which, they or their members, are registered in the equivalent Commercial or Professional Registries of their countries, and have an average turnover in financial advisory services (project finance, corporate finance) over the three (3) past economic years, of over euros 3.000.000, which will be proved by published balance sheets or by relevant affirmations.
In case of a consortium or joint venture, the weighed average turnover of each member shall be taken into account, on the basis of each member’s participation rate in the consortium or joint venture, provided that the these members operate in the provision of services related to the subject of this tender.

6. All contracting parties shall be in full liable towards the Contracting Authority.

7. Guarantees: Bank Guarantee of 10.000,00 euros for participating in the tender, good performance bank guarantee amounting to 10% of the project’s budget (art. 16 of the tender documents). Time frame during which the tenderer must maintain its tender is six (6) months.

8. Award criteria: Most economically advantageous tender, according to the criteria mentioned in the tender documents (art. 18).