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The Special Secretariat for PPPs was set up in the Ministry of Economy, Development & Tourism along with the ratification of Law 3389/2005. This Unit follows the structure and role of equivalent units in other Member States of the European Union for the promotion and implementation of PPPs. The mission of the Special Secretariat is the provision of support and assistance to the Inter-Ministerial PPP Committee and to public entities, while its main tasks involve the following:

  • the identification of the works or services which might be constructed or provided through Partnerships and be included under the provisions of Law 3389/2005,
  • the evaluation of the proposals submitted by public entities and their subsequent forwarding to the Inter-Ministerial PPP Committee for approval,
  • the promotion in general of the construction of works or the provision of services through the Partnership framework,
  • the facilitation and support of Public Entities in pursuing contract award procedures, as defined in Law 3389/2005, for the selection of Private Entities,
  • the monitoring of the implementation of Partnership Contracts.